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Advertise in those hard to reach places.

Welcome to advercycle

We help innovative companies target their audience by using bicycles as a canvas.

So we get ads in front of
(and next to, and all around)
the folks you’re trying to reach.

Not to mention the fact that we can go where normal ad “vehicles” can’t.
(Plus, we’re cool and eco-friendly.)

Anyway, have a look around. And be sure to check out all the great places we can help you spread your message.

Examples of services offered:

Picture customers out for a stroll,

taking in that ocean air. Now picture your message, weaving in and out of them. (Compelling, to say the least.)

Ah, summer at the beach:

The sand. The sun. The sun in your eyes. Ahh! Since customers will look to avert their gaze, we’ll be there to give them something way easier on the eyes.

Nothing like a picnic in the shade.

Except for a picnic in the shade with Advercycle. Now customers can enjoy some fresh messaging with their fresh air.

It doesn’t matter if your customers are first or ninety-first;

if the club is packed, they’re stuck outside. Time for some action. A quick cruise by these folks can get them truly grooving.

How far is our reach?

As far as we can bike.

(And we love to bike.)

When you trust your message to Advercycle, you can expect to have the ultimate out-of-home piece. A movable, impactful dedication to what you and your brand convey. Along with some pretty cool buzz. We’ll work 1 on 1 with you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, canvassing the environment, making it a 100%-known entity. And at the end of the day, everyone will know your name.


Anything can be branded.

Especially anything on a bicycle. Advercycle works to create quick, compelling messaging, suitable for any number of spots on a bike.

We guess you could say that economy of words is one of our specialties. So let us get the word (or words) out to your target audience today.


"Using Advercycle was a great, affordable & local way to advertise our event in exactly the areas of town that we pinpointed. Jen was easy to work with and gathered information about the event so that she could then share with interested folks. She acted like an ambassador for us and generated interest to get folks to the event. She even used her social media channels to spread our message and checked in after the event to make sure that we were all set. We'll definitely be using Advercycle for future events!"

- Allison Weinhagen, City Market, Burlington, Vermont


Getting your message out there starts with the right words.

Like your email.

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Advertise in those hard to reach places.